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[Solved] Cache/Smarty ERROR

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I'm having issues with the cache and i don't know why, it's driving me crazy. I shut down all the compressions and disabled the cache, it worked for some pages, and got no error. The error is the following:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method Product::getProductsImgs() in /home1/kami/www.erikchmoda.com/shop/cache/smarty/compile/0e/40/e3/0e40e3b183581b7ad9abb9412f1776d791f33578.file.product-list.tpl.php on line 57



I think this error gives me always when in my page i have some image of a product. Enabled or not the cache, it gives me the error.


Any idea? I tryied to google and search in the forum, but i found nothing...


EDIT: looking for the code...


<?php $_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['more_imgs'] = new Smarty_variable(Product::getProductsImgs($_smarty_tpl->tpl_vars['product']->value['id_product']), null, 0);?>



This should be the error, but i don't know how to code with cache/smarty/whatevertherroris...please someone help me...



EDIT: Solved, was an issue with a class in override


Thanks, Centrobolsos

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