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Need help with tax setup

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I am having an issue getting sales tax to apply for Texas customers. I have searched through the forums and wiki but have not been able to solve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the following settings configured:

Payment -> Taxes
Enable Taxes: Yes
Name: Texas Sales Tax
Rate: 8.25
State: Texas (checked)

Shipping -> States
State tax setting

Test Product:
Pre-Tax Retail Price: $4.00
Tax: No Tax

I then created a test account located in Texas and tried to purchase the test product. It says $4.00 in the cart all the way through the checkout process and at the payment step says "Please choose the payment method you want to use to pay the amount of $4.00 (tax incl.)"

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Go to preferences >Products> Price Display, and switch to tax excluded. This will show the excluded price, but put the tax in the end cart.

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I already have that preference set that way. Read the original post - I'm having the exact same problem.

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