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Hi developers and freelancers,


we are a little agency in Westgermany. We are looking for an europe freelancer who would like to work with us in some projects. In the moment we are a Team with two Project-Manager, two PrestaShop-Developers and some other Freelancer (Database, CMS, SEO etc.). But we have got so much work that we don´t know how we should do it all.


Therefore we are looking for an reliable, responsibility employee who thinks and act himself by the project-tasks and told to the customer or Project-Manager when something it´s wrong or to make something differently or better.


We have get some long-term Projects in germany. So it will be nice when you know exactly what in German case law is important for eCommerce.  Also you should have some reference and you can program individual customizations. Very enthusiastic we would be if you're still know a little bit about SAP connections and bridges.


Our language during the Projects is English usually. But it would also be nice - and sometimes it makes the things easier - if you could speak/write German. Occasionally (1-2 times a year) it is also necessary to arrive at important meetings for customers in North West Germany. Of course the travel costs are to pay by our customers when they are in a real dimension to the project. So it is not possible that the freelancer comes from another continent! That makes the journey too expensive! 

Do you like to participate in our friendly team? We would be pleased to have assistance  by you as soon as possible! Please write us a private message with some of your references and your hourly rate. So we will be able to write back soon and tell more about our cooperation.


Your updateGT

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