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Prestashop Upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6 or 1.5


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Hello PrestaShop Maniacs,


I'm looking for a guy who is able to upgrade my prestashop 1.4 version with lotta of modules, products, and many other things. I've got also lotta of paid SEO done on website and what I'm looking for is to upgrade shop to new version WITHOUT hurting google ranks, seo.


Is there anyone who is able to help me out ? Is it way too risky ? If you're a pro send me a message and I will show a website so you can tell me your price. If you're good, the first website is just beginning.


Thank you guys for reading this!

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It's very hard to find a legitimate man who is able to upgrade or just create a new website for me, but such a website that when I look on it, I will sit down from a surprise. I've spent a lot of money, but noone prooved me he's worth of money. I'm a pharma seller and I can invest a lot, but I feel like ppl just dont wan't money or I just can't find a proper ppl.

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If you have got lot of non native prestashop modules, it is not possible to update like that. It is necessary to contact each developper for each module to update.
And if you have several changes in the prestashop core files for seo improvement, it will be necessary to repaid for new seo analyse.

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