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change rel="ajax_id_product_XXX" in PS 1.5.6.x


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Default PS 1.5.6.x in Add to Cart button is : 

<a class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button exclusive" rel="ajax_id_product_XXX" href="URL" title="Add to cart">Add to cart</a>

So I wanna change it in order to achieve W3C validation like PS 1.6.x.x

<a class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button btn" href="URL" rel="nofollow" title="Add to cart" data-id-product="XXX"> <span>Add to cart</span> </a>

That is code from PS 1.6.x.x, so I wanna change the Add to Cart button URL (of PS like this :

<a class="button ajax_add_to_cart_button exclusive" rel="nofollow" data-fancy="ajax_id_product_XXX" href="url" title="Add to cart">Add to cart</a>

I have edited all the necessary *.tpl files correctly. Now need assistance for *.js files adjusment.



overrideButtonsInThePage : function(){
//for every 'add' buttons...
var idProduct =  $(this).attr('rel').replace('nofollow', '').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');
if ($(this).attr('disabled') != 'disabled')
ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, false, this);
return false;


var idProduct =  $(this).attr('rel').replace('nofollow', '').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');

to variant 1:

var idProduct =  $(this).attr('data-fancy').replace('nofollow', '').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');

to variant 2:

var idProduct =  $(this).attr('data-fancy').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');

to variant 3:

var idProduct =  $(this).attr('data-fancy','ajax_id_product_');


reloadProductComparison = function() {
var idProduct = $(this).attr('rel').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');
   url: 'index.php?controller=products-comparison&ajax=1&action=remove&id_product=' + idProduct,
  async: false,
  cache: false,
   success: function(){
return true;


var idProduct = $(this).attr('rel').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');

to variant A

var idProduct = $(this).attr('data-fancy').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');

to variant B

var idProduct = $(this).attr('data-fancy','ajax_id_product_');
Which ones are correct? Edited by kyrios (see edit history)
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