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Prestashop: New install config, workflow ++


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Hello prestashop community! I just made a new prestashop installation in localhost to see if i can configure prestashop according to our requirements before starting migration & update from our existing store.

There are several things i am not sure where they are or if they are possible so i made a small list to see if anyone else has already solved them to help me save time ..

  1. Whats the best workflow? I am working with git so far with different project so i just made a new repository for prestashop. I guess all modules / plugins must get installed in development and never in production right? 
  2. How do you track database changes? Any way to track db migration ? 
  3. How i set the urls structure for categories & products ? eg all subcategories to keep their main category in url. 
  4. Any way to migrate content from virtuemart to prestashop (customers, orders, products, categories etc)?
  5. In my existing store, i have more than 2000 products in 2 languages thats 4000 urls, is there any module that i can safely manage urls redirects from my old to the new ones?
  6. Any module that users that upload & serves products images & site assets from amazon cdn?

Thats for now :)


Thanks in advance,


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