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Catalog price rules priorities

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Hello, here's my problem:


DISCOUNT1: I have in my shop some categories and I want to set a 10% discount on all products of CATEGORY1, which contains many products of different brands. I create a rule for CATEGORY1 and 20% discount and so far so good.


DISCOUNT2: After some time I want to discount a specific brand in CATEGORY1, let's call it BRAND3 of something more, let's say 50%, leaving all the other products of CATEGORY1 at 10%. I create a second rule with 50% discount and as condition I set CATEGORY1 AND BRAND3.


I would expect that this more specific behavior would override the previous one, but it's not like this: what happens is that some products of BRAND3 in CATEGORY1 get DISCOUNT A some other DISCOUNT B, without any particular logic behind (I checked and they are both assigned to that category only and the brand is set correctly).


Do you think this is a bug or is it the expected behaviour? Why some products get  DISCOUNT1 and others DISCOUNT2? Can you suggest some method to get the result I want to achieve, without having to do all the combination of CATEGORY-BRAND one by one? (unfeasible for all categories and all brands)


Thank you very much

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