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DB Backup fails


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I have been developing a new shop in and making frequent database backups using the native DB Backup. Worked fine: one click to accept the disclaimer and it makes a backup, one click to download the file.


Now, first click brings the error message: 'The backup file does not exist', which of course doesn't exist because it hasn't made one (it's as if it has skipped to the second button and then found the first hadn't been used).


Recent changes are a slew of module updates and the addition of a commercially released module for backups to Dropbox. The obvious thing is to blame this because it is the same topic - and because it does not work correctly in my shop. But the developer says that there is no connection between the module and the native D Backup files so there is no way that one can affect the other.


I'd like to compare the DB Backup files with ones from a site backup and see if they have changed (and perhaps replace then to see if this solves the problem), but I don't know which files are involved.


I obviously need to get DB Backup working again (it is a real pain to do an export from the host control panel). Has anyone any idea what has broken? How to fix this? Where the DB Backup files are located?



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