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Problems with Packs


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i intend to create thousands of packs (groups of products) -- some small, some comprised of hundreds of products.


rather than doing this manually through the dashboard, i have been trying to accomplish it through imports and updates to the SQL databases with Store Manager and phpMyAdmin in cPanel.


all of my component products are imported.

all of the pack products have been created.

the field "cache_is_pack" as been set to a "1" in the ps_product table.

the details for all of the packs (components and quantities) have been imported in the ps_pack table.


but when i look at the product on the website, there is no component list displayed.

and when i look at the product in the dashboard, the product is not identified as a pack.


on another website i have, PrestaShop support found whatever was missing and fixed it but they didn't explain what they did.  now my support contract has expired and they will not tell me what they did.


does anyone have any experience with building packs that might help me figure out what i'm missing?

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