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Find code push notification in admin when add customer success


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Hi all,


When i create success new customer or complete any an order, in admin has get push notification and show number on icon at header. I just found out code for get notification but don't know code for push after add success be located at where in Core. Can you help me to find it? 

Thanks you very much.

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used tmp-file: your_admin/themes/default/template/header.tpl (id="header_notifs_icon_wrapper")

after your admin page load Prestashop create ajax-query to the ajax.php with param `getNotification` for place data to the container

if (Tools::isSubmit('getNotifications'))
 $notification = new Notification;

so you need to view Notification class for customize some actions related with this logic



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Hi Alex, 

Thanks for reply,

My problem is find out code which push notification after while we add success. It's mean when Object::add() == true then it will response to Back Office. And your solution just get and show it in BO. 



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Hi again,


so you need investigate whole process,

1) you can start from view js/notification.js file witch initiate ajax-request with the `updateElementEmployee` param 

2) then admin/ajax.php run $notification->updateEmployeeLastElement() function for update `employer` table 

3) Notification::updateEmployeeLastElement() is the point of code where update DB is triggered



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