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Dashboard stats not grabbing all the data

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Hi there,


I have a fresh install of Prestashop and have just migrated our orders, customers and product data using Cart2Cart.


I am not sure if the stats were working correctly before the migration, because I was using demo data, which looked fine.


1) I note that the graphs in the dashboard are only displaying statistics encompassing the period from the date I installed Prestashop to now eg. 20 May - 18th June. Even though in the Product Sales information further down on the dashboard page seems to be correctly accessing the sales data for our whole trading time (around 5 years or so).


For example, if I click on Best Sellers on the dashboard page, I have a product that has sold 262 units - which I know to be about correct.


Similarly, the Top Sellers module does not display any information at all.


Clearly, the sales data is all there. In the migration, all of the orders etc transferred fine. And the fact that the best seller list on the dashboard is correctly querying and displaying the data means that the data is there to be accessed.


It seems that the graphs in the dashboard and the top sellers module is not looking in the correct places for the data.


Any ideas?


2) I also note that on the dashboard page, under recent orders, the date showing against the orders is the date the customer registered on the store and not the date of the order itself....


Are there any suggested fixes? Do some pages in the admin Back Office need to be told to look in other tables for the correct data?



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