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What module do I need for this ? associates referal payment scheme ?


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Hi guys I have a question about what sort of module I should install (if one exists) for an associates referal payment scheme?


We have one central website.  If we get orders through the website then we keep 100% of the money.  If our associates/affiliates/employees get a customer to order through our website then they receive 10% of the sale price paid at the end of the month.


Right now each different associates hands out a business card with our web address and their UNIQUE code.  The way I have it set up is that I have a unique 5% off voucher for each associates so that it encourages their customer to enter the code and then we can track it back to which associate this customer belongs to. 


We use similar vouchers so they are easy to identify from ours, ie ASSOC_Name

  "James Smith" uses  ASSOC_James_Smith

  "John Black" uses  ASSOC_John_Black


While this does work, it takes a bit of work.  We print out an order, then if we see the voucher code being used we manually add this to a separate XLS spreadsheet including total sale and their 10%. Then we pay them at the end of the month.


We have 10 associates at the moment and this already a lot of work.




If I could dream the perfect add on, then this module would have a list of each associate, their unique reference code, their customer discount, a login to our shop so they could see what their customers ordered on our site, a payment section showing them how much they will get this month and what they got last month etc, and a disbursement section with PayPal /Bank account details to allow us to click on pay associate which would either send money to them OR if it was a bank account then it would create a quicken file (QIF) or ABA which we could import into our bank for electronic payment.  


However I am just keen to find out what else is out there which may make my job a little easier.


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