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how to make the minimum quantity order cumulative for attributes in multishop?


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i'm developing a web commerce in prestashop 1.5.6 with multistore in it, a retail store and a wholesale for business customers.


This is my problem:


In wholesale, I've some products with attributes (colors and/or type).

The minimum quantity order is 10 pieces for each product.


the problem is that prestashop doesn't permit to make cumulative orders to reach the minimum quantity with the same products, but with different attributes.


To explain better: I want to buy 10 pieces of the same product, but with different attributes: 3 red stones and 7 yellow stones.


The minimal quantity of 10 pieces is reached, but for prestashop i should buy 10 red stones or 10 yellow stones.


Is there any way to permit the customer to reach the minimum order with any combination of the same product but with different attributes?


Important: I've different two themes for each store, one for retail and one for wholesale.


thank you for your help, very needed indeed :-)

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is it possible to define minimum quantity of product order but with different attributes (combinations)?

Example: minimum quantity of 4 but customer can order 3 quantity of one combination and 1 quantity of other combination?

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