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Unable To Add Language


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I am unable to add Russian language to my website. All the installation process is successful and everything works fine. But when I tried to add Russian language with the following details, it gives the following error (1 error 1. image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png). The flags and the no image file format I used where GIF, JPG or PNG. I tried all the options, but still they gave the above error and a long list of links below.

I am unable to rectify the issue.

Could someone help me to get this rectified.


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Hi guys, im very beginer on all this stuff , how ever I instaled 3 languages and they worked.The problem i have is with adding russian language, getting same error al the times : 1 error
an error occurred while resizing no-picture image to your category directory.
I using same russian flag for both options (Flag: and "No-picture" image: ).
Please help

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