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[SOLVED] Manufacturer Logo on Product Page

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Hi everyone!

I want to insert an image of the manufacturer's logo on each product. I think this is the code. Where do I insert it in product.tpl?

< img src=" {$img_manu_dir}{$product->id_manufacturer}.jpg " >

Also, what do I need to insert to display the manufacturer's logo in each manufacturer category?

Thanks a lot!

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In case anyone is still not sure about this, here's a snapshot of my working code (which silly forum software can't strip). It includes a check to see if the product has a manufacturer, thereby avoiding 404 images, and also links the image to the manufacturer page. Thanks for the help!


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Does anyone else find this leaves a little "p" under the image? (when using the English language pack) and an "H" (when using Russian).

Maybe I missed something during configuration as I cannot find what would be causing the P or the H in the TPL file :(

I understand what happens. It was the same thing for me. Actually the letters "p" or "H" and for me "a" and ">" were the first letter of the first word of the manufacturer description.

I changed a few things and it now works for me. Anyway, I'm not a programmer at all I just put my hands in and tried to make a few change, the result is that it now works for me. IF A REAL PROG COULD HAVE A LOOK TO BE SURE TO NOT SPREAD my mistakes, it would be great.

Hope this help.


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