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Eco tax charge

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Hi, I'm trying to add fixed amount tax to products that are sold within a certain province.

Essentially, if someone from Quebec(not the other province) orders a tire I need to add a 3$ Eco tax. The tax is not a percentage but a flat 3$ per tire.


Any way of getting that done?



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I'm still looking for a solution to my problem. But for now I'm trying to edit the file tax.php. (I do not know php but only some basic c++) In the section on ecotax i want the ecotax to only be charged when the customer id state is the id of Quebec (87) and for the rest of customer it will be to 0$.

I thought adding a line of code in kind

public static function getProductEcotaxRate($id_address = null)
		$address = Address::initialize($id_address);

		$tax_manager = TaxManagerFactory::getManager($address, (int)Configuration::get('PS_ECOTAX_TAX_RULES_GROUP_ID'));
		$tax_calculator = $tax_manager->getTaxCalculator();

             if $id_state == 87
                    return $tax_calculator->getTotalRate();
             else return $tax_calculator->0();

I change the last three lines. I wonder if it could be functional. If not can someone help me modify my lines to make it work


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