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Looking for simulator of scenarios module for furniture shop


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Hi everyone,

Any help will be very welcome.


I'm about to start a new project for a shop of house furniture’s. However, I need to find the solution to create a simulator of scenarios. That sounds weird… I explain:


Lets take the example of a kitchen.

The user should be able to customize a kitchen scenario based on products from the catalogue.


In the example of the kitchen, the client should be able to change the finishes of cabinets, floors, doors or even changing ceiling lamps, windows, walls colours, etc…


Also, the customer should be able to consult in real time the estimated price of all his choices.


Finally, the client must be able to calculate the sizing of square meters he will need (floor for example) before he purchase it.


So my question is:

  • Is there a such module for PrestaShop ?
  • If not, how can I get a such results?
  • And finally, how much it will cost to develop a such module?


Nuno Francisco

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