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Block Layered Navigation - stock & quantity false positives


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Hi everyone,


I'm really pleased with the module and it's a great addition to the default PS arsenal.

There's been a few posts about the issue of the filter displaying options (in this case shoe sizes) and returning products in the filter results for attributes that are present but have no stock.


e.g. Go to http://www.sunproof.co.uk/dev/index.php?id_category=420&controller=category&id_lang=1#/


Select "adult shoe size > UK 17" and you'll see one result:

Crocs Cayman Classic Khaki

The issue is then, that this size is currently out of stock for this attribute combination / size and so the result should not be returned.


There was one fix on the forum, but for older version of both PS and the module.

I'm using and module v.1.10.1


Can someone suggest a fix to index and display only those combination products that are actually in stock?


I would also kindly suggest that this be considered to future versions of the module as an option to select in the module B.O. so that it simply ignores products that have 0 quantity.


If this work could be paid for, I'm happy to stick this in the job offers section too.






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