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can someone help me with the correct format for importing csv files (precisely products) in prestashop


I have tried with the sample but keep getting errors.


Someone please help as i have lots of products to upload.


prestashop version is

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I finally figured this out. This is what i did that worked for me.


I downloaded the sample product file in csv format. This you can do by going to:


Advanced Parameters- CSV Import

Choose click to view our sample import csv files option

select sample products file and download.


Then open microsoft excel

click on data

under get external data click on from text

in the box that pops up choose delimited and click on next

choose semi colon and click on next 

click on finish

and then click on ok.


add your data and save back as csv format .


Likely Issues:

after saving as csv format, open with notepad, if you notice that the fields are separated by commas instead of semicolon this is what you do.


Go to language and regional option in windows

locate the list separator tab and change to semi colon if you have a comma there.

also change the date format to match with what you have in the downloaded csv file.


hope this helps someone.

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