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importing combinations and custom fields


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need help.. using PS


I need to import 4000 products (4 categories with 1000 products)

each category of products needs separate set of combinations and customization fields


how to import it?


my idea:


customization fields.. insert manually those into DB 

let's say, that each product has 5 fields.. 4 categories x 5 fields = 20 fields inserted into db

and then to each product assign relevant set of these fields 

but is it OK to use one field entry in database to 1000 products?


combinations.. in this case use of import use-case

again, each product from the same category has the same combinations set (without impact on price)

first idea was to do it the same way like custom-fields.. but then I realised that there is some kind of image structure and I dont understand it..


what do you think?


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