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Selling fractions of full units?

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I sell fabric in my shop.  It is priced by the metre, but can be sold by partial metres (eg 10 centimetres, 50 centimetres etc. which translate to 0.10 metres & 0.50 metres).  I can't seem to get Prestashop to recognize the decimals and nothing is added to the customer's cart if they try to place a decimal amount in the quantity box.

The only solution I can find is a module for $279, which is simply not in the budget.

Can anyone help with this issue?  Surely selling fractional amounts is fairly common?

I can change the price to reflect centimetres (eg, price it by the centimetre) however this will totally confuse most of my customers as the standard way to sell fabric is by fractions.  A price of $0.1795 will not make sense to most of my customers.

Thanks for any help!


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