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No carriers available

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I'm having issue with carrier 



my website is: zoharanyc.com


I have configured carrier module according to the prestashop manual.

But when I enter valid US address it doesn't show any carriers.

Only when I uncheck and then check "Use the the delivery address as the billing address" it shows carriers.


It very inconvenient and I'm not sure everyone will do that.


Please let me know how can I solve this issue.


Thank you

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I have fixed the script. It didn't help.


If you're logged in and add items to the cart the shipping price doesn't change and no carriers are available. Again it works only if you  check "Use the the delivery address as the billing address". Also when you're adding more products to the cart, you receive error message - Technical error: unable to save address.
If you're not logged in at add products as a new user, everything works fine, but it doesn't show payment methods.


Please let me know how I can fix it.


Thank you a lot

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You didn't make the changes, the file is still how it was.

params += 'id_country='+encodeURIComponent($('#id_country').val())+'&';

The above code is wrong, it should be:

params += 'id_country='+encodeURIComponent($('#id_country'+(type == 'invoice' ? '_invoice' : '')).val())+'&';



The CartExpert Team

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