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Want to write my own Subscription module, donate to community


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I'm not sure if PrestaShop will offer subscriptions as part of v1.6 core, but the current add-on module is priced at $550.  So, I'd like to write my own and give it away to the community.  I'm very new to PrestaShop, and just started reading the dev docs, so I'm asking for help.


For the experienced PrestaShop devs, how would you envision the module to work?   Here is what I think.


Back Office:

I need to create a new pricing config section, maybe call it Recurring Payment Profile.  In it, I know I need to allow entry for price and frequency.  Should any other config options be available from your experience?  Maybe also show all products currently configured to use that specifc recurring option.  I also need to figure out how to interface with payment modules such as Authorize.net (AIM), where that gateway should actually manage the recurring payments (at least in my use-case).  Anyone have experience with that?


On the product config page, allow selection of recurring payment options.  This will override the product price, both the display in front office and during checkout.


Front Office:

The product page should show the price of the selected recurring payment option.  So, if a user selects $4.95/monthly, then $4.95 will show.  If the user selected $50/yearly, then $50 will show (basically, show the price and frequency).


Upon checkout, I have to look into how to handle subscriptions within an order.  I'm not sure, but I think that the subscription will have to be submitted to Authorize.net as it's own order, separate from everything else in the cart.  How does the current subscription module handle this?


Any help would be appreciate.  I need this for our store, and it's less expensive for me to code it than buy it.  Whatever I develop will be release to the community for free, as it's a feature that I beleive should be part of core. 


Thank you in advance for your input and help.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the community.

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