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Add a symbol to product name on invoice


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Hi everyone!


I am using Prestashop 1.4.3

My wish is to add on invoices a " * " at the end of product name which are affiliated to a supplier.

Products with no supplier won't have that character attached to them.


Product 1*

Product 2*

Product 3

Product 4*


On invoice footer a short message would say:

" *Certified Organic Product"


On my store, suppliers became organic labels


If somebody can help me...







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You need to override the 'getProductsDetail' function of the Order class and LEFT JOIN the '[DB_PREFIX]_product' table to get the id_supplier, then override the 'ProdTab' function of the PDF class and where the product name is displayed you check wether id_supplier is zero or not and display the '*' according to it.




The CartExpert Team

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