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adaptation for local food projects


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i'm new to Prestashop but have been in web dev since about '96. php isn't my 'language of choice' but i don't think that will be a problem


i've inherited two local food projects (written in asp/vbscript...ugh) that we want to run on the Prestashop platform, as it seems to fit the bill. you can take a look at one of them here: http://www.pembrokeshireproducedirect.org.uk/


from what i can see, we'll need to build a few modules, as the current system manages products, suppliers, supplier orders, customer orders, invoices, delivery routes etc... and there's business logic from the existing systems which needs to be adapted to prestashop's back office. we're looking at building a couple of themes for the needs of the projects but that won't be a problem


i'm working on an object model of the parts of the existing system which prestashop doesn't have already - some parts are quite complex and will need to be built from scratch


what would be the best way of approaching this? we'd like to end up with a tailored "local food direct" package that we can offer others for free - all open source, of course


any tips and advice would be most welcome

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