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Display all orders in order-detail


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I want to show the details of the order, a list of the state and the id of the customer orders. A historic.
Ps I use 1.3.1 and I took the code and have stuck AdminCustomer in AdminOrders.
/* Display orders anadido jonatan 
		$orders = Order::getCustomerOrders($customer->id);
		echo '
		<div style="float:left; margin-left:40px; margin-top:10px;" id="misorders">
			<fieldset style="width: 400px;">
				<legend><img src="../img/admin/delivery.gif" alt="'.$this->l('Orders').'" />'.$this->l('Orders').'</legend>
				<div style="float: left">';
						echo '
						<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="table">
								<th class="center">'.$this->l('ID').'</th>
								<th class="center">'.$this->l('Date').'</th>
								<th class="center">'.$this->l('State').'</th>
								<th class="center">'.$this->l('Actions').'</th>
						$tokenOrders = Tools::getAdminToken('AdminOrders'.intval(Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminOrders')).intval($cookie->id_employee));
						foreach ($orders AS $order)
							echo '
							<tr '.($irow++ % 2 ? 'class="alt_row"' : '').' style="cursor: pointer" onclick="document.location = \'?tab=AdminOrders&id_order='.$order['id_order'].'&vieworder&token='.$tokenOrders.'\'">
								<td class="center">'.sprintf('%06d', $order['id_order']).'</td>
								<td>'.Tools::displayDate($order['date_add'], intval($cookie->id_lang), true).'</td>
								<td align="center"><a href="?tab=AdminOrders&id_order='.$order['id_order'].'&vieworder&token='.$tokenOrders.'"><img src="../img/admin/details.gif" /></a></td>
						echo '

With this code I do not load the details of the order, if I add this code to display returns

Validate::isLoadedObject($order = new Order($id_order));

But after all this leaves me or write messages or see the default messages


Can someone help me?




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