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Virtual products/Combinations + downloadables question


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Working on a platform for both downloadables and physical products.

Ideally it should be able to register a product both as a physical and virtual product with variations.


Example with software:



or physical



With different pricepoints for each variation available and pointing at different downloadables for each variation.

Right now I could do with a much simpler approach, though, just opening for different combinations with different pricepoints.

What I am setting up is a small image database, and the different variations point to different lisencing models. In addition it is possible to buy a physical print of the images.

As far as I see it now, I will have to enter each item up to 5 times.
If I could have variations on downloadables, I would at least get away with 2.
And I see that it gets clumsy to navigate.


So just opening for combinations while still pointing to the same file, would be a great help.


Next problem is the server upload http limit.
We have "enough" space and some of our products can go in the 100 MB - xGB range as to size.
These are uploadable by ftp (for now)


Is it possible to replace a product with another with the same name through ftp, or will the download be limited by the filsizes uploaded somehow?



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