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edit boxes in product


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is it possible to insert few editboxes into product to let the customer write some parameters?


i know, that customer can keep the note 

- in the order

- in customization tab

but both places are not OK for me


order -> customer mostly forgot what to note (the parameters)

customization tab -> i dont want extra tab in product layout


these parameters wont affect anything 

they will be just stored with the order somewhere


two examples of such use:

1) metrics on suits made by measure (color, element sizes)

2) car mats (e.g. http://www.rohozedoauta.sk/a4-2000-2007/10837-Audi-A4-2000-2007.html .. you can see that customer is able to select colours.. but i need the year of production and number of fix-points on each seat)


thank you.


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