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Custom product list view per category


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I'm building a shop for car auto parts. I've a product catalog with almost 50,000 products with no photos and besides that, i've some other car accessories that have photos and will be listed in other categories.

I need to have a way to select between 2 different product list views depending on the product category.

The first will be the regular one that will be set for the products that have a photo (in the car accessories categories) and the other one will have a tighter list view with no photo (something like an excel sheet view with product name, price, add to cart and view product links).


I was thinking to implement that based on a "flag" that will be set on each category. In the product-list template, i will check for that flag and display the proper view. A better approach might be to have a different product-list.tpl file and select each time to load the proper one (though, i'm note quite sure how to implement that).


Any ideas on how to set that "flag" on category?

I prefer to have a solution that will be easy to set from within the categories view of the prestashop admin system.


Thanks in advance!


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I figured out myself a way to do this so i'm sharing it here i case any one else has a similar requirement.  :)


The initial idea was to add a field to the category table and then make the proper modifications to the prestashop admin for the categories view. I abandoned this plan as soon as i realized that it would need a lot of work and modifications to the core of prestashop.


What i did, was to add a "smart code" in the category description field, something like [products-template-1].

The work then has to do with modifying the themes/default/category.tpl file.

I read the $category->description and if it has the smart code, i load the proper product-list template file:

{if $category->description|strstr:"[products-template-1]"} 
    *load template 1*
    {include file="./product-list-template-1.tpl" products=$products}
{elseif $category->description|strstr:"[products-template-2]"}
    *load template 2*
    {include file="./product-list-template-2.tpl" products=$products}
    *load default template*
    {include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products}

In order to avoid displaying the smart code in the description area of the template view, i call the smarty replace function to remove the "smart code":


thats all!

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Hi can you give here the link of the cart you made? Or can you attach a picture so its easy to understand the whole idea. 

I am also looking for same thing.


I need to make it for a pizza shop where all the products will be listed all together in lines


FOOD 1 ...... 10$

   Add Drinks (pull down menu)          add to cart

FOOD 2 ...... 9$

   Add Toppings (pull down menu)     add to cart

FOOD 3 ...... 5$

FOOD 4 ...... 20$

   Add meal (pull down menu)            add to cart


and all add to cart will increase cart. While as I want a small cart view on the right side of the page shows how many items I have added. The checkout will take me to payment.


Can you please guide me with this.

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