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Loyalty module and $nbDiscounts issue

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Hi. I am using Prestashop with the Loyalty Module. I am generating some loyalty points by code using the following lines:
//Suma puntos al recomendante
            $loyalty = new LoyaltyModule();
            $loyalty->id_customer = (int)$customer_gen;
            $loyalty->id_order = (int)$id_parent_r;
            // Debe ajustarse la constante 5 para corresponder a la bonificacion
                    // que se quiere dar al recomendante. El parametro esta en funcion del
                    // valor configurado en el panel de control de Loyalty.
                    $loyalty->points = (int)round(LoyaltyModule::getOrderNbPoints($params['order']) * 5);
                    $loyalty->id_loyalty_state = 2; // Estado inicial de los puntos
The points are being generated without issues. However, when I redeem the points to transform them into a voucher at "My Loyalty Points" section with a user logged in, I can see that the points status change to "redeemed"; just as in the next table.

#000021 17/11/2013 22:44:12 220 Convertidos #000021 17/11/2013 22:57:46 10 Convertidos

However the vouchers area, where the voucher with the points redeemed should appear, is empty... as if there was no voucher, even though a voucher was generated. I can see the voucher on the ps_cart_rule table at the database. I can copy the voucher`s code from the database and paste it on a new order and it validates correctly and provides the associated discount to the cart.
My issue is that the customer, from his/her account, is not able to see the voucher nor the code, and, will not be able to use it and that is bad.
I have looked at modules/loyalty/views/templates/front/loyalty.tpl and around line 140 I found:


{if $nbDiscounts}
<div class="block-center" id="block-history">
    <table id="order-list" class="std">
                <th class="first_item">{l s='Created' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="item">{l s='Value' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="item">{l s='Code' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="item">{l s='Valid from' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="item">{l s='Valid until' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="item">{l s='Status' mod='loyalty'}</th>
                <th class="last_item">{l s='Details' mod='loyalty'}</th>


<p class="warning">{l s='No vouchers yet.' mod='loyalty'}</p>
<p class="warning">{l s='No reward points yet.' mod='loyalty'}</p>


I guess $nbDiscounts is not true because the first else contains the "No vouchers yet" message I am receiving. How can $nbDiscounts not be true if the code and vouchers were generated?


Someone can help me out?


It would be really appreciated.

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have you ever found a solution for your problem? I'm facing this right now.



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