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Product category different from Home


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I need help for Prestashop  Would be grateful if Presta experts can help here  :) .  

By default, presta groups products under Home as the parent category.  I need to create a parent category (still retaining home), maybe call it Age Group so that I can list my products under various age groups.  I want this Age Group category to appear in the top horizontal menu but I do not want it to appear in the Category listing on the left hand side.  Also do not want it to appear in the Home category.


Can someone help please?  I have been reading the forums, googled and checked the manuals but they don't seem to have an answer. 


Thanks a lot ....

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Good morning


The simplest way to do this with coding (not my forte) is to:


1. Add a new category, for example, "Invisible"



2. Add your sub-Categories to "Invisible"



3. Go to Top Horizontal Menu module and add "Invisible"



4. Add Products to your categories



5. Disable "Invisible"



This is probably not the best way, but it works. Also not sure if it will affect links or SEO.



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Morning Paul!  


Thank you so much for replying.  I have tried this method before but I really need to have the same subcategories appearing in the Home category and the new category - "Invisible" (e.g. in this case).  As of the default, one subcategory can only be grouped under one parent category.  Is there a workaround?  


Hope you can help me as it's really important that I do this.


Thank you, Paul! 

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