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[SOLVED]Current category id if exists


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Does anyone know how can I get the current category only if it exists. I need to pass the parameter to mysql query only if it exists.


'weeksBestseller' => ProductSale::weeksBestseller((int)$this->context->cookie->id_lang, $quantity, $days, Tools::getValue('id_category'))

Tools::getValue('id_category') gets the category if category isset, but on home page the category isn't set. And the query fails. Any idea how can I pass the parameter to the function only if ii isset?


The query uses default parameter if it's not overridden. 

public static function weeksBestseller($id_lang, $quantity, $days, $category = 'p.`id_category_default`', Context $context = null)
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Problem solved. Works when using this syntax. In controller->


$categ = Tools::getValue('id_category');
if(!isset($catr)) {
	$categ = NULL;
	'best_sellers' => $best_sellers,
	'weeksBestseller' => ProductSale::weeksBestseller((int)$this->context->cookie->id_lang, $quantity, $days, $categ),

and in class ->


public static function weeksBestseller($id_lang, $quantity, $days, $category = NULL, Context $context = null)
	if ($category == NULL) {
		$category = 2;

where category 2 is home.

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