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Product custom sizes affecting price...


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Hi all,


In my eshop i have specific products (in one Sub Category), let's say wood frame, which will have some Attributes, such as width & height... color brown/black. 


The problem is, there will be available standard size, such as:


width 100 height 120, price 10$

width 100 height 140, price 12$

width 150 height 120, price 15$

width 150 height 140, price 20$


and user can define 'custom' sizes, for example:


105 x 125


so it will be oversize 5 from width and 5 from height, which makes price:


standard price 10$ + oversize - each 1cm is + 1% of standard price


How it is possible to do this in Prestashop ? 


Do I need some special module for it ?


Thanks for your time & help.



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