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PDF file just opened with adobe


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Hi all,


I am doing a module to create a PDF with all the orders delivered per month (Prestashop 1.5.4).


The script is in the following folder: modules/mymodule/controller/admin/Adminmymodule.php


and I use this code:


$pdf = new PDF($displayorders, PDF::TEMPLATE_ORDERS, $this->context->smarty);





It's everything ok, I can download the PDF file, but:


1. If the file is opened by an application different to Adobe, says "The file cannot be opened"


2. If the file is opened by Adobe application, I can see it perfectly, when I close the file, it’s prompted “Save as..” although I didn’t modified anything.


If I save the file with adobe, I can open it with any application.




It seems that the pdf is not created correctly although Adobe is smart enough to read it.


Anyone has the same problem?



Any help?


Thank you in advance.

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