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change background on deafault prestashop theme

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Look in themes/yourtheme/css/global.css

look for

/* global layout */

and under that you will see an entry like this and change it as indicated:

#page {
   width: 980px;
   margin: 0 auto 2px auto;
   background-image: url(/your root file/somebackground_image.jpg);

If I made that as clear as mud, ask me again :) LOL

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well it did insert the background in the middle frame only going from the left module panel to the right module panel. But on the right and left side of the site, there are 2 long vertical white stripes that did not integrate the background image.

How to you insert the background in the right and left panels?

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When I put my background image in like I showed you, it covered the entire area. Make sure you make your image large enough for whatever default resolution you think your customers are using? Maybe that's it. Otherwise I'm at a loss for why it didn't work.

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it should work well using the lines as shown by bykrmom. The only possible reason why you didnt see the background image on the left and right column is because these blocks in the columns are controlled by a different set of background color code. Look up the columns color codes and change the background color by inserting the background image you want to use.

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