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Translation issue


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I have my site translated in Romanian. I have Romanian as default language and English disabled. When I want to translate some modules in BO, some other modules changes to English.
For example, I want to translate some expressions in wishlist module, I hit the Update translations button, then some other modules codes changes to


global $_MODULE;
$_MODULE = array();

If I make these translations in my localhost, all works fine, but on server I have this issue. And I have to make my translations on localhost, then I have to copy the translated files to server, which is pretty annoing.

Have anyone a clue what is happening?
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este ceva legat de utilizatorul care incearca sa modifice fisiere pe server ... eu indiferent de incerc sa fac utilizatorul care modifica este "wwwrun" , pe care noi nu il avem definit ...si cred ca de aici este problema ...chiar daca permisiunile sint 777 tot nu vrea sa il accepte pe acest "wwwrun" ...cred ca trebuie sa vorbim la cei cu hosting-ul ...

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