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[GITHUB] Adding packing slip option


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Need some more help on this.


I manage to get it working on 1.5.4.

Then i merged to my branch, but made some mistakes along the way, and had to re-add the packing-slip after merge.


And now it doesn’t work. I reset the packing slip to look like delivery slip in a effort to debug it. This i what i concluded:


The functions in PdfController works great. It is when i comes to class PDF.php it fails.

As seen here. I added a const TEMPLATE_PACKAGE_SLIP = 'PackageSlip';

And there it is where it fails. It dosent give any messge, it just opens the link in a new window, then nothing. But if I change the TEMPLATE_PACKAGE_SLIP to 'DeliverySlip' it works great.

But my template does exist. it can be found here

And that template is a clone of DeliverySlip so it shouldn't fail.

Check https://github.com/PhpMadman/PrestaShop/tree/W_DeliverySystem to see all the changes.


Can anyone see what i'm missing?

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