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Hello Friends


Some how i managed to show a list of product voted in a separate CMS page.I am planning to provide a daily free designs t my website.Where member would come and vote my designs then the top most designs would be provided as a freebei.Now i want to make the top rated digitizal product as a freebie for a day.Do it is possible?


In simple word:


On following link i have a list of product that are voted by our customers.




I want to make a the top- most the winner product as a my freebie of the day to download.On very next day, it will be reset to it original price and vote will be reset to zero and next top most would become a freebie product.



If my product x has 20 votes and if y has 19 votes than product would be freebie and then reset it to zero so next day product y would be free and product x with zero vote went down in the list.




On first day my first x (the most rated) product would be free.

On next day my y (the most rated) product would be free.

Reset the vote to zero once it get free so that it will not be winner again.






Do it is possible to make a random product a freebie product automatically say weekly,daily or so on....

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