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help using function validateOrder


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I'm trying to develop a module for my company. I need to use create an order from a cart. I have created the cart, and was trying to use validateOrder to create the order.

The problem is that i don't know how to set up the $this->context->cart that the function needs.

Can anyone help, pls? oR know any other way to do this?


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Guess this is a bit complex, and noone knows, or don't want to reveal their secrets...

In the meanwhile i copied the function validateOrder to my script, and made some changes to the variables, that instead of using $this->context->cart, now uses $cart.

Now the error occurs in:

$order_detail->createList($order, $cart, $id_order_state, $order->product_list, 0, true, $package_list[$id_address][$id_package]['id_warehouse']);

(originally was $order_detail->createList($order, $this->context->cart, $id_order_state, $order->product_list, 0, true, $package_list[$id_address][$id_package]['id_warehouse']);)

instead of creating the list, it var_dump's a variable, which i couldn't identify, nor could i identify the error, as it doesn't outputs an error...

Again, if anyone could help...


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