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XML / CSV Order Import HELP


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Without going into too much detail this is the background:


Prestashop built to create a Purchase Order


Purchase Order is then emailed to sales staff


Sales staff creates the order on internal system, is sent to warehouse picked and packed


At the end of the day the order is then required to be uploaded BACK to prestashop - so the invoice


So my question:


What is the best way or if someone has done this already for importing XML OR CSV files that contain invoices for an order and then assigning them to the correct id so the customer can access them via the web admin.


Any advice?

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Ok, after some searching I have managed to find something that should automate the importing of CSV/XML files http://www.orbis-software.com/integrations/parse-a-csv-file.php. I had a demo from the guys at Orbis (Sven) and they can also provide PrestaShop integration with my ERP system so it will do more than syncing orders, stock levels etc. Has anyone any experience of using them? P.S: Hope this info helps.

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