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quantity available on shopping card


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on product.tpl this fragment of code:


  <!-- availability -->
  <p id="availability_statut"{if ($product->quantity <= 0 && !$product->available_later && $allow_oosp) OR ($product->quantity > 0 && !$product->available_now) OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none;"{/if}>
<span id="availability_label">{l s='Availability:'}</span>
<span id="availability_value"{if $product->quantity <= 0} class="warning_inline"{/if}>{if $product->quantity <= 0}{if $allow_oosp}{$product->available_later}{else}{l s='This product is no longer in stock'}{/if}{else}{$product->available_now}{/if}</span>  
  <p id="availability_date"{if ($product->quantity > 0) OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE OR !isset($product->available_date) OR $product->available_date < $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d'} style="display: none;"{/if}>
<span id="availability_date_label">{l s='Availability date:'}</span>
<span id="availability_date_value">{dateFormat date=$product->available_date full=false}</span>
  <!-- number of item in stock -->
  {if ($display_qties == 1 && !$PS_CATALOG_MODE && $product->available_for_order)}
  <p id="pQuantityAvailable"{if $product->quantity <= 0} style="display: none;"{/if}>
<span id="quantityAvailable">{$product->quantity|intval}</span>
<span {if $product->quantity > 1} style="display: none;"{/if} id="quantityAvailableTxt">{l s='Item in stock'}</span>
<span {if $product->quantity == 1} style="display: none;"{/if} id="quantityAvailableTxtMultiple">{l s='Items in stock'}</span>


talking about numbers item in stock and availability of product


howto create the info about availability (and/or numbers product in stock) in shopping-cart-product-line.tpl , on shopping card?


$product.quantity or $product.available not working





thanks for help


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