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[1.5.4] Problem ovverriding a module


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Hi! I copied blocktopmenu in themes/[mytheme]/modules and changed code so that it can be placed in my custom displayHeaderMainMenuBox hook. It doesn't work. Instead, if I edit the same way the main (root) blocktopmenu, it works all fine. So, I guess the module override doesn't happen. Why?

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Sorry I misunderstood when first reading I was thinking about something else :)


Did You put module CSS files in themes/[mytheme]/css/modules/blocktopmenu and JS themes/[mytheme]/js/modules/


Hi, thank you. I don't need to change css/js files. Is still necessary correct the paths?

I've only modified (added a line to install()) php code simply to add my custom hook:




And of course the relative uninstall code. displayHeaderMainMenuBox is the new hook, already used with other modules.

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Wait a minute:




They speak about tpl, css and js. NOT php. Maybe in a theme folder I can override ONLY a modules tpl/css/js?


And in that case, maybe I can override the php file in the /override folder just like classes and controllers?


OR maybe i CANNOT override module's php files?


Effectively, on the top of the link, they write:


1. Overriding PrestaShop's own behavior (class files and controller files) in order to target a specific section of the required components.


2. Overriding the VISIBLE PARTS of modules (Templates, JavaScript, style sheet language...) so that the themes can adapt better to them.



mmmmm :P

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