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[Task Offer] - Reputed Prestashop developer/linux expert required to fix db issues


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Hi we run two shops and recently started to develope rather strange problems with prestashop databases. Issues as follows:



Problem1: When using cpanel database backup function it downloads an empty file. When exporting database via PHPmyadmin it times out and says that file export.php does not exist. However, using mysqldump for database in Linux shell works fine.

Memory limit can not be a problem seeing as it is set to 1024M and we have also tried with 2048M and still does not work. We have had this server running for months without changing any settings and made many successful backups via cpanel.

The last successful backup via cpanel was made on 3rd of June. Since then it has failed and we don't understand why. The last entry in the mysql error log indicates a database crash on 13th of June and "Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewrite".


Problem 2: When copying around 50 products using Prestashop back office, the prestashop database table "product_download" grew from 4mb to 9GB just over the course of a few minutes. None of the copied products were downloadable products. They had no file attachments.

The 9GB table in question has been deleted since then. We have noticed that every time a product is created, new entries are made in the table product_download. Is this how it is supposed to be or a bug? And how could it grow so much just from copying a few items? We want to know how if anyone else has had this problem and how they worked around it.


Problem 3: When installing a custom Prestashop module that creates a few tables in database, the tables associated with module are deleted automatically within a few minutes of creation. We don't understand why this happens.


Operative system: CENTOS 6.4 x86 64bit


WHM 11.38.0 (build 18)

Memory_limit: 1024M

max_execution_time: 600

Database size: 302MB


We are looking for a specialist who is good with databases/linux and familiar with prestashop to fix these issues. Also it maybe some co-operation on tasks basis later.


Please PM me with your details and experience.

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