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Ajax add to cart error


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Hello every body !

I custom product-list.tpl to mutil add product to cart.

my site:

But the first time I add multi products, I get an error and I just can add only one product to cart

Then, i reload the page or continue add mutil products. It works well

This is my code:

  if(parseInt($('#my_qty_id'+$(this).attr('rel')).val()) > 0){
my_qty = parseInt($('#my_qty_id'+$(this).attr('rel')).val());
  var idProduct =  $(this).attr('rel').replace('nofollow', '').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');
  if ($(this).attr('disabled') != 'disabled')
ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, true, this,my_qty);
  return false;

Who can help me fix this error?

Thanks !!!!

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