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prestashop module error from the development site

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I have created a module and made full testing whether there is any error or not. I didn't got any error and after that I just uploaded my module to prestashop addons. But after some days I got an email from their side that

After carefully reviewing your module "XXX modulename , we regret to inform you that we were unable to approve your submission for the following reasons...

PHP errors:

"No errors"

Functional errors:

"No errors"

Installation errors:

"No errors"

Our comments:

"Your module throws a "DbException" (cf attached file)"


and in attached file they had sent an image file where they had made marked an error.The error was like this


Table 'Test2.ps_country' doesn't exist


Now I want to tell that table ps_country comes when you make install prestashop and this table stores all the details of the countries in it. I am using prestashop Kindly tell me how to solve this issue? Any help and suggestions will be appreciable. Thanks..

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