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SISOW module 50% OK and 50% not OK


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Hoi PrestaShopFanatics,


Last year I tried Prestashop and I am still learning.

Step by step I go on, but that also means that I encounter problems.

Hope this is the right forum. I just did a post in another part of this forum. Later I discovered it was not the right place.


Version of Prestashop used is


I try to use the SISOW module. Following the instructions on their website, I unzipped the file and uploaded the directory modules to the root of my webshop (in this case to the http directory).

In the BO I open Modules--> modules and I can see that the SISOW modules are installed.

It is also possible to configure them (merchant ID and merchant key) and then save everything.

In the FO If I go to the pay page, I do not see the SISOW modules.


I tried the tip that I found in the Dutch forum that says to delete (via phpMyAdmin) the tabel prstshp_sisow in the database.

Fact is that I can not find a tabel "prstshp_sisow" or a tabel "ps_sisow".

Enclosed you'll find a printscreen of the message that i get when i try to repair.

I also enclosed a print of the database.


Hope someone can help me.

Excuses if my English is sometimes not that correct, but it is not my native language. Sorry for that.


Do not hesitate to ask me more details. I am really struggling to find a working solution.

It is not a good shop where you can not pay for the things you ordened.


So I really hope somebody can help me.

PS SISOW 20130430 PrntScrn error.pdf


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