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.htaccess.txt Where is it?!

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Hello I am trying to get friendly URL's working with my Linux Godaddy Server account

now everyone says that is .htaccess.txt file is located within the prestashop folder on the server but within that where is it because I can't seem to find it anywhere

Thank you

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to rephrase the question if I go into my file manager for example and I've uploaded prestashop file to html




I have a .htaccess files within those two files, and so I don't know if those are the files that are being talked about to get a friendly URL

I have yet to find a .htaccess.txt <<< .txt file that needs to be changed to get friendly URLs thats what im having trouble with

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Ehh, ok. I am not sure whats up with the .htaccess file that came with it. I was able to view it via cpanel but changing the name and perms did nothing.

You can do this though.....

create a text doc named htaccess.txt and upload it to the root.(It did not ask my to over write anything strangely enough)

In the admin panel go to preferences and turn on friendly urls
Go to tools>Generator and you will now have an option to generate the file.

voila, done.

hope that helps,

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