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Load Smarty & Database


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I'm developing a clothing e-shop.

I'm making a module to filter product by color / size / categories ...

I'd like to have it working via Ajax.


I need t load smarty & the database classe in my Ajax target .php file.

How can I do that ?




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You can just include the following at the start of your file:



$module = new YourModule();
echo $module->yourAjaxHandler();


That will load up all the Prestashop goodness in your script, and also then allow you to place the actual ajax call function within your module (from where you can access the facilities you need). You can also use Tools:getValue('post_or_get_variable') if you need to pass parameters.


This is exactly how the blocklayered module works btw and that would be a good source of "inspiration" ;)

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