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jqzoom used in article image is possible to use in picker to zoom the picker colors?


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Hi Folks !

I'm using 1.5 version.

I use a lot picker for colors of textile and wood.

Prestashop is fantastic for this.

What I'looking to change in product.tpl is to add an zoom with jqzoom already used in item photo but for the picker to zoom in a popup the color when customer put the mouse pointer over the picker color.

Ask: Is it possible to use the same jqzoom with others values (popup size x y etc) in the picker ?

Ask: How to change the a raw with jqzoom?


<li><a id="color_{$id_attribute|intval}" class="color_pick" style="background: {$color.value};" onclick="updateColorSelect({$id_attribute|intval});$('#wrapResetImages').show('slow');" title="{$color.name}">{if file_exists($col_img_dir|cat:$id_attribute|cat:'.jpg')}<img src="{$img_col_dir}{$id_attribute}.jpg" alt="{$color.name}" width="26" ; height="26" />{/if}</a></li>

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I'm interested in getting some sort of popup when hovering over the color choices to get a better look at the sample. Any luck in finding a way in doing something like this cerbyweb?  Is there a module that accomplishes this out there? Or a way of using something like JSColor if it can't use jqzoom?

I'm using version 1.5

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