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Placing large virtual products in another folder and file names


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I have a lot of problems regarding vitual products because I frequently update the files for each product and the file name (hash) in the download folder doesn't helps, also I must use a special module to upload my files and assign it to a product because they are very large files.


My intention is to put the files to be downloaded in another folder and with their original names, then I create a very small file ( may be a text file) and rename it with the same file name and extension and using original prestashop virtual product tab upload it and assign it to the product, this will create a record for the download with the correct file name and a new hash-named-file in the download path ( this file will never be used). No problem by using large files because the large file is not used to set the relation, only a small "fake" file.


At GetFileController.php just after setting the mime Type, the filename ( without path) is available from the database and I can change the origin folder to my own overwriting the hash-named-file:


$file = "/home/myserver/public_html/myfolder/".$filename;


this way my own file will be downloaded instead the hash-named-file in the download folder


Do you see any problem I must be aware with this change?


Actually it would be possible to change the process for uploading the fake file and only set the file name for the product.

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